What is an Arctic Dome?

Arctic Dome is designed, developed and produced by Arctic Dome AS in Gausdal, near Lillehammer. The domes are developed as a unique accommodation product for the travel industry, but is also suitable as a bar or sitting room. The domes are constructed to handle the demands of the Nordic climate, be it large amounts of snow or powerful winds.

Arctic Dome 15

Arctic Dome 15 has significantly lower volume than AD23, making it easier to keep warm. It’s been specifically designed for extra low temperature winter use. Arctic Dome 15 has ample room for a large double bed. It also comes with a large front window and skylight, so that the smaller size in no way impacts the Arctic Dome experience.

Floor area 15.9 m2
Height 270 cm
Width 430 cm
Entrance 165 cm

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Arctic Dome 23

The original size, made for the ultimate Arctic Dome experience. Lots of room for a large double bed and seating area. Comes with a large front window and skylight, so you can be comfortable in bed while watching the northern lights. Arctic Dome 23 is also large enough for many different usages, such as events or annex for a cabin.

Floor area 23 m2
Height 340 cm
Width 550 cm
Entrance 190 cm

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Toilet Module

The toilet module can be easily connected to the Arctic Dome 23. Designed specifically for use with an odour free Pacto toilet, but can be easily adapted and enlarged if connected water and power is desired to make a complete bathroom. The toilet module includes a Pacto toilet, and is ready for use.

Floor area 1.3 m2
Height 215 cm
Measures 100 x 130 cm

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Arctic Dome Bundle

Both of our models can be supplied as package solutions, with all our accessories. This includes isolated floor, heater, inner layer and lockable door. The only thing you need to do is to assemble and furnish the dome, and you are ready for your guests.

Interested in an Arctic Dome Bundle?

1. Contact us

You contact us, and describe your build plans. You’ve probably thought of a location, have some pictures of the location and a simple plan of your vision ...

2. Get a proposal from us

We will help you set up a suggestion for designing the camp, and what kind of equipment you will need. Naturally, the proposal is not binding.

3. Review

We review the proposal together, and make changes as needed or wanted. Survey and preparations at the build site.

4. An agreement is reached

Agreement on number of Domes and equipment is drawn up with Arctic Dome AS. All formal applications and permits for the building site must be acquired.

5. Delivery

After production and any customization, all domes and equipment will be delivered to the destination.

6. Assembly

The building of the Dome Camp itself can be started.

Arctic Dome + Sustainability

Arctic Dome is a sustainable accommodation product. Extensive building processes are not necessary in order to assemble the dome. Using the correct preparations, Arctic Dome will cause very little or no damage to nature. We recommend that the domes be placed on a column supported platform. This will cause little damage to the ground, and the small interference is easily reversed after use. We are knowledgeable in this area, and can help you find a solution that matches your specific needs. Contact us to talk about sustainable solutions.

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