Smart quote that emphasizes the environmental benefits of using Arctic Dome

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Arctic Dome is rooting for nature

Sustainable tourism

“The Arctic Dome framework is made from aluminium and is recyclable indefinitely.”

Business are gradually realizing that in order to run with profit in the future, sustainability issues must be handled and new solutions must be found (Jørgensen & Pedersen, 2017).

Both businesses and private persons want to contribute to the environment, and there are many different ways of going about this.

Arctic Dome is low impact (at times no impact) when it comes to environment and nature, using the correct planning. In contrast with more permanent structures such as cabins or new hotel rooms, disassembly quickly reverses any impact the dome has had on the environment. Arctic Dome is also very competitive when it comes to price, both in the investment phase and the life cycle. Arctic Dome is a good example of innovative thinking combined with sustainable solutions.

The Arctic Dome design and construction is highly robust, and will last for years. The domes are produced at our facility in Østre Gausdal, and thus “locally sourced”. They can also easily be repaired if needed. The Arctic Dome framework is made from aluminium, and is recyclable indefinitely. Recycling only needs a fraction of the energy used to produce the virgin metal.

Our logistics also contribute to making your supply chain more sustainable. We want Arctic Dome to always travel the shortest route, so when a dome is finished at our facility in Gausdal, we look for the transportation method most beneficial to you, and the environment. These processes both contribute to better productivity and a lower price and CO2 reduction.