Where can I place an Arctic Dome?

Arctic Dome has been specifically designed and developed for the harsh and varied Nordic climate, and fits in just as well in the mountains as at the seaside. You, as the user, decides where to put the dome, and Arctic Dome can handle any challenge, be it snow fall records in the mountains, or gales by the coast. This makes Arctic Dome a safe choice for anyone looking for new opportunities.

In the mountains

Arctic Dome is perfect for mountain use. The domes are specifically constructed for the Nordic climate, and can be used without problems in the mountains, both in winter and summer. Spending the night in an Arctic Dome, combined with skiing or hiking in the mountains, is the perfect combination. The large skylights in the Arctic Dome are also very well-tailored to the mountains, where the starry skies and northern lights are extra visible.

In the woods

Arctic Dome lets you see nature and the woods in a unique way, where you get the feeling of being close to nature while not sacrificing comfort. Is salmon fishing your main activity? Arctic Dome provides you with the opportunity to offer luxury accommodation, right by the river.

By the sea

How about laying down to a view of the sun setting in the ocean, after a packed day of lake time and catching dinner? Arctic Dome lets you offer this to your guests, without the need for permanent structures. The guests get to stay close to the water, with the fresh sea air right outside their door. It doesn’t get any more authentic.

Other usages

Arctic Dome is also an excellent way of expanding your offer if you run a camp site, and have been looking for a new and exciting alternative for your guests. If you’re running a farm and are looking to establish an accommodation offer to receive guests on a farm vacation, Arctic Dome is a good, practical way of doing just that. The domes are easy to assemble and move, while being significantly cheaper to construct than permanent buildings.

Interested in an Arctic Dome?