Arctic Dome Bundle

We offer package solutions both for Arctic Dome 15 and Arctic Dome 23. We tailor the packages to your needs, and can deliver the Arctic Dome with isolated, carpeted floors, two different types of heaters, lockable steel door and inner layer. Should you have other accessories needs, we can assist you in acquiring such. We are solution oriented.

If you are buying an Arctic Dome with accessories, you only need assembly and furnishings to be ready to use your dome. In principle, you can be ready to receive guests in a few days from ordering. That is unique.

Interested in an Arctic Dome Bundle?

Technical information

Area ISO

1. Contact us

You contact us, and describe your build plans. You’ve probably thought of a location, have some pictures of the location and a simple plan of your vision ...

2. Get a proposal from us

We will help you set up a suggestion for designing the camp, and what kind of equipment you will need. Naturally, the proposal is not binding.

3. Review

We review the proposal together, and make changes as needed or wanted. Survey and preparations at the build site.

4. An agreement is reached

Agreement on number of Domes and equipment is drawn up with Arctic Dome AS. All formal applications and permits for the building site must be acquired.

5. Delivery

After production and any customization, all domes and equipment will be delivered to the destination.

6. Assembly

The building of the Dome Camp itself can be started.

Interested in an Arctic Dome?